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Facial Massage

A Facial Massage relaxes, stimulates the blood to increase oxygen and cell growth, and improves elasticity. Clearly, it is a far more effective means of anti-aging and toning than the more invasive procedures. Indeed, real beauty starts with a healthy diet, plenty of water, and exercise but a facial can also help stop the signs of aging and vastly assist the skin in looking and feeling its best, long term.

A facial massage is also highly restorative and prompts the body to do what it does naturally, in a far more effective manner than pills, creams, etc.

Full-Body Massages

Body Massages are one of the most heavenly experiences one can ever have. They not only benefit your health, but Full Body Massages are also rich with triggering motions and techniques that help us heal, repair and rejuvenate the lost energy of our muscles and tissues

Full Body Massages at Wellnest Spa is done in a quiet private room, away from the busyness of the city and your tensions. Our trained professional therapists make sure that each touch has a healing effect on your body and ultimately, deliver you the satisfaction of a soothing experience that you have paid for.

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Essential oils are naturally occurring compounds, derived from various parts of plants, such as flowers, leaves, resins, seeds, roots, bark, and grasses. Aromatherapy is the study and use of these essential oils in order to help to enhance the body, mind, and spirit. Elect your preferred treatment from our menu, and our expert therapist in any spa will discuss your personal requirements and preferences so that if you want us to massage your back for 60 minutes, then that is precisely what we will do!

In this journey of undergoing a healing Aromatherapy Massage, our professional therapists will bring out the best in you.

Body Treatments

Nurture your body’s largest organ—the skin—with one of our unique body treatments. Whether wrap or scrub, our pampering body treatments provide an experience that is both relaxing and rejuvenating. Choose from the variety of body treatments including Neem and Volcanic Clay Wrap, Exfoliating Sugar Body Polish with Massage, Infrared Detox Body Wrap, Scalp Massage Treatment and much more.

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